February Workshops

Selfcare Medicine

Sunday February 9th, 9am – 11am

Let us take you on a luxurious experience of the senses, re-connecting to the sacred art of self care. By using the knowledge of East and West we are going to explore the powerful properties of TCM herbs, philosophy, sacred Gua Sha massage and plant foods – all healing rituals for the inside and the outside of our bodies.

Together we will dive deep into what medicinal self care means to us and how we can easily incorporate beautiful little rituals into our busy everyday life routines – to stop and listen, to give ourselves some love and in turn to give more love to others.

While this may seem like a female workshop, males are more than welcome to join and explore ways of self care for themselves.

This workshop is facilitated by 3 Yogis passionate about self care in form of yoga, plant foods and meditation. Patch is also a TCM student, Emma and Josy run Deśa Retreat and are very passionate about plant-based healing and cooking.

Investment: $125 p.P.

What is included?

  • Medicinal Tonic Ceremony
  • What does self care mean to you?
  • Principles of Taoist philosophy & meditation
  • Discover the ancient techniques of Gua Sha face massage
  • Shared plant-based meal created by Emma and Josy
  • Goodie Bag with Tao Tonic samples, your own jade Gua Sha tool and a voucher for Surfcoast Wellness Rooms


Tonics inspired by Herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Medicinal herbs have been used for thousands of years as an organic means of healing the body. Provided so perfectly by the universe, these herbs have been concocted into ‘potions’ to enable easeful pathways for the healing compounds to enter our blood stream. During our ceremony we will learn about the power of these herbs, the impact that they have on your body and how you can organically integrate more medicinal habits into your lifestyle for harmony and balance.

Taoist philosophy:

Taoist Philosophy focuses on universal, holistic and peaceful principles such as living in harmony with nature and natural order. The belief is that if we stray too far from the flow of universal energy, we will experience dis-ease. In this workshop we will learn how to become aware of the ebbs and flows of universal energy and how we can align our internal energies to ensure balance and harmony.

Gua Sha:

The ancient art of Gua Sha has been utilised in Chinese medicine therapy for hundreds of years. It is a superficial scrapping/massage technique that stimulates the cells on the surface of the skin. When applied to the face, in a gentle and circular motion we can disperse stagnation, clear the lymphatic system, clean the surface of the skin and generate the growth of new collagen fibres. Encouraging you into a meditative state, it is deeply relaxing and healing.

Plant Healing:

What better way to take care of yourself and your body than by fuelling it with nutrient-dense, vibrant plant foods and give it a break from inflammatory foods that disrupt its amazing ways of healing itself.

A whole food plant-based diet is high in glucose which directly converts into energy in your body while being very low in calories at the same time – this means calorie restriction becomes redundant and indulgence becomes vital.

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